The Jehu Program

The Jehu Initiative

An Affordable Option To Help Students Complete Their Degrees and Move Into Working In The Ministry

Take Half Off Your Next Class Through IBOC

The Jehu Initiative is a brand new program through IBOC which rewards you with an incentive to complete your course within a certain time frame. Our goal is to help you graduate with the knowledge needed to successfully work in the ministry and do great things for God.

Students who meet the criteria are eligible for half off their next class. Here is how you can qualify:

How Does It Work?

The Jehu Initiative at IBOC is designed to incentivize students to complete their courses in a timely manner.

This program allows students to take half off their next course if they finish within the allotted timeframe.

We understand that finishing your degree is important for getting into ministry work, and we want to help students achieve their goals.

We also recognize the importance of finishing what you start, and with this initiative, we are helping students stay motivated to complete their courses.

With the Jehu Initiative, students can get into ministry work faster and start making an impact on the world for Christ.

Step 1

  • Start a new Course – To qualify for the Jehu Initiative, you must purchase a new course. This does not apply to any previously purchased courses that are past 30 days.

Step 2

  • Once You’ve Completed The Course, Send Us Your Receipt – Forward the emailed receipt you received to our college secretary at

Step 3

  • We’ll Send You A Code Once Verified – We’ll check the records to ensure that you have completed the course within the allotted time frame. Once verified, we’ll email you a code that is available only to your email that you can use to take half off your next course.

gift from IBOC

Exploring Prayer w Dr Jack Hyles w purchase of any  course in June (limit 1 per household)