Have You Ever Thought About Training & Mentoring Your People At Home?

Start A Bible Institute Using The IBOC Framework

For various reasons, many pastors have had doubts regarding sending all of their graduates away to college, However, they did not have a good alternative. We are now offering churches the opportunity of starting their own Bible institute using our framework. A Pastor and his church can now operate a college without the expense that often accompanies such an endeavor. Rather than sending all of their students off to Bible college, they can now provide a quality Bible college education and keep their students at home. The interest in this new concept has been overwhelmingly positive.

When we first started IBOC our main focus was towards older students with families who found it difficult to go away to college. Now we are offering our curriculum to anyone interested in receiving a Christian college education.

What are some of the advantages of starting a Bible institute at your church?

  • It will allow you to continue pastoring your graduates while they are receiving their college education.
  • It will allow your college/career ministry to be more of a vibrant part of your Sunday School and church ministries.
  • The graduation ceremony will take place at your church in front of your people. We will provide the education and the diploma and you will be able to confer upon your students their degrees.
  • Your students will be able to study at their own pace. They can take classes any time of the day or night at any pace they choose.
  • You will be able to train your own without the expense of having to start your own college. As the pastor, you will be able to help your students pick their classes and even decide which teachers under whom they study.
  • It will allow you to remain the spiritual guide during their college years. The pastor is in charge of the students concerning standards, soul-winning, church attendance or other matters.
  • You will have the opportunity of teaching courses that you would like to teach. If a pastor wanted to use our English classes, and Bible classes, but wanted to personally teach Personal Evangelism, he would be able to do so using our system.
  • An IBOC Bible Institute can operate with one student or one hundred students. There is no difference. If a pastor has one student he wants to help train or educate he can start an institute.
  • The church would have no financial responsibility to operate their institute.  The college would pay for all the expenses to run the college and the website.  We would provide the system for the pastor to record any classes they want to teach.  Each student is responsible for their tuition which is only $150 a credit hour ($100 to audit).
  • One of the big highlights is that a student who wants to go into a secular field can take classes at another college for the secular training and still receive a Bible college degree or certificate. Instead of sending them off for a year to Bible college they can stay home and pursue both at the same time. If one of your students decides they want to take a course at a local college we will accept those credits. That means a young man could study to be an auto mechanic while still receiving a Christian college degree. That is unique. In other words, they could become a Christian college graduate while also receiving training in a specific trade.

Those are only a few of the benefits available to our IBOC Bible Institutes.

You will even be able to name your college. For example, you might call it Independent Baptist Online College of Faith Baptist Church, or Independent Baptist Online College of Elyria, Ohio, or whatever name you want to use. It will be your college to personalize in your own way.

We are not trying to keep every student from going off to Bible college. Some students need to go away for training. However, we are trying to give the local pastor an effective way to train his preacher boys and members to do the work of the ministry. As the pastor, you can advise your students what is best for them.

Dr. Mike Callaghan, our Administrative Dean, will be directing the Independent Baptist Online College Bible Institutes. He will personally be working with our Partner Pastors in starting and operating their institute.

Many pastors are already taking advantage of this system and seeing the benefits of training their students at their church and we’d like to include you as well!

Use the form below and we’ll get in touch with you quickly to help get you started!

Jeffrey Smale,
Independent Baptist Online College

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