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Leadership Training Institute

$15.00 / month with a 7-day free trial



The Leadership Training Institute, (LTI) Is a monthly subscription service available to churches of any size. The purpose of the Institute is for a church congregation to train their own members in the ministries of their church. The Administration of Independent Baptist Online College teaches every class, who have over 125 years of pastoral experience among them!

Here is how it works:  The church pays a monthly subscription fee of just $15.  They then have full access to all 20 ministry training courses for their members to learn from.  The major ministries of the church are focused upon such as bus ministry, Sunday School teacher, nursery worker, ushers, etc.  The prospective worker watches the course on their particular ministry. The course will build a foundation to better equip them to serve the Lord more successfully.  The church can use the LTI as often as needed for as many members as they desire.

The Leadership Training Institute can be a tremendous help to the younger Pastor, Bi-vocational Pastor, busy Pastor, or just anyone desiring to do their very best for the Lord’s work!

Subscribe today for a free 7-day trial to review the classes and see if it would be a help to your members!  If you like it, you need not do anything.  It will automatically renew each month until you cancel it. If you want to cancel for any reason at any time, just contact us and we will stop your subscription service.

There is no longer any reason to put untrained workers into your vital church ministries.  Subscribe today to the Leadership Training Institute and help your church to be all it can be for the Lord!