One Year Bible Diploma

Requirements:  32 Total Credits
Total Cost: $4,800

One Time Payment (50%) – $2,400
Pay In Three Months (50%) – $2,400 (three monthly payments of $800)
Pay In Six Months (40%) – $2,880 (six monthly payments of $480)
Pay In Twelve Months (30%) – $2,730 (twelve monthly payments of $227.50)

The One Year Bible Diploma is a great opportunity for anyone to learn the Bible from experienced men of God and know the Book like never before!

Students will learn from seven different instructors through fourteen key courses that will help give you a greater understanding of God’s Word.

This 32 credit diploma can be transferred to any of our Associates or Bachelors degrees should you choose to further pursue your education.


Old Testament Survey (3)
New Testament Survey (2)
Bible Doctrines (2)
I Corinthians (1)
Pastoral Epistles (2)
The Book of Genesis (2)
The Book of Galatians (1)
The Book of Ephesians (1)
The Book of Leviticus (1)
The Book of Proverbs (2)
The Book of Daniel (2)
The Book of Acts (2)
The Book of Romans (2)
The Book of Revelation (2)
Baptist distinctive and polity (1)
Personal Evangelism (2)
How to study Bible (1)
Bible elective (4)

gift from IBOC

Exploring Prayer w Dr Jack Hyles w purchase of any  course in June (limit 1 per household)