Doctor of Theology

Requirements:  32 Total Credits
Total Cost: $4,800

One Time Payment (50%) – $2,400
Pay In Three Months (50%) – $2,400 (three monthly payments of $800)
Pay In Six Months (40%) – $2,880 (six monthly payments of $480)
Pay In Twelve Months (30%) – $3,360 (twelve monthly payments of $280)

Our Doctorate Degree program requires 32 additional credits to be taken, plus the successful completion of a doctoral dissertation.  We review both your Bachelor and Masters degrees and fill your coursework with classes you have not previously taken. You will be given a dissertation syllabus with all the IBOC requirements and the administration will choose a subject for you to study and thereafter write on.  You will also need to defend your dissertation to the administration after you have submitted it and it has been approved. There is an additional $150 fee for the submission of your dissertation.

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