Bachelor of Science: Pastoral Theology

Requirements:  128 Total Credits
Total Cost: $19,200

One Time Payment (50%) – $9,600
Pay In Three Months (50%) – $9,600 (three monthly payments of $3,200)
Pay In Six Months (40%) – $11,520 (six monthly payments of $1,920)
Pay In Twelve Months (30%) – $13,440 (twelve monthly payments of $1,120)

128 Credits
Freshman 1st SemesterCreditsFreshman 2nd SemesterCredits
Personal Evangelism2English and Grammar I2
Proverbs2Biographies of Great Preachers2
OT Survey3Bible Electives4
Personal Finances1Intro to KJV2
English 1012Biblical Separation2
Pastoral Ed 1013Pastoral Ed 1023
Leadership2Church Property1
Bible Elective1Preparing for your Calling1
Sophomore 1st SemesterSophomore 2nd Semester
NT Survey2Acts2
Life of Christ2Sunday School I,II, &III3
Pastoral Ed 2012Intro To Church Music1
Prayer2End Times – Eternity2
Principles and Ethics2US History3
Bible Electives4Bible Electives4
Justice 101 & 1022Bible Doctrines2
Junior 1st SemesterJunior 2nd Semester
Writing Seminar2The House of God; NT Church2
Preaching I1Church Finances2
Our Baptist Heritage1Song leading2
The Preacher and His Family2The Book of Romans2
Starting a NT Church2Cults 1011
Bible Electives8Bible Electives7
Senior 1st SemesterSenior 2nd Semester
Preaching II1Baptist Distinctives and NT Church Government1
Advanced Soulwinning Tech1The Book of Revelation2
Marriage and Ministry2KJV Apologetics1
Biblical Counseling2Biblical Creationism 1011
Bible Electives8Preaching III1
Baptist History1Bible Electives10