Bachelor Of Science: Elementary Education

Requirements:  112 Total Credits
Total Cost: $16,800

One Time Payment (50%) – $8,400
Pay In Three Months (50%) – $8,400 (three monthly payments of $2,800)
Pay In Six Months (40%) – $10,080 (six monthly payments of $1,680)
Pay In Twelve Months (30%) – $11,760 (twelve monthly payments of $980)

Freshman 1st SemesterCreditsFreshman 2nd SemesterCredits
OT Survey 2NT Survey2
Personal Evangelism2English 1022
English 1012The Acts of the Apostles2
Bible Doctrines2Biblical Separation2
Introduction to Education2General Teaching Methods2
World History I2World History II2
Bible Electives2Bible Electives2
Sophomore 1st SemesterSophomore 2nd Semester
Genesis2Intro to KJV2
Literacy Instruction k-32Literacy 4-62
Composition I2Composition II2
Our Baptist Heritage1Teaching Mathematics2
Speech I2Speech II2
General Psychology2Baptist History2
History Of Israel2Educational Psychology2
Bible Electives3Bible Electives2
Junior 1st SemesterJunior 2nd Semester
Principles and Ethics2Proverbs2
Biblical Creationism 1011Philosophy of Education II2
Fundamentals of Music2Special Teaching Methods2
Baptist Distinctives1Physical Science Survey2
U.S. History3Teaching Methods2
Philosophy of Education I2Teaching Reading1
Teaching Bible 2Teaching Social Studies1
Bible Electives3Bible Electives4
Senior 1st SemesterSenior 2nd Semester
Biblical Counseling2Student Teaching Practicum16
Teaching Music2
Essentials of Education2
Fundamentals of P.E.2
Teaching Health2
American Government.5
Bible Electives5