Requirements:  64 Total Credits
Total Cost: $9,600

One Time Payment (50%) – $4,800
Pay In Three Months (50%) – $4,800 (three monthly payments of $1,600)
Pay In Six Months (40%) – $5,760 (six monthly payments of $960)
Pay In Twelve Months (30%) – $6,720 (twelve monthly payments of $560)

Year 1 1st SemesterCreditsYear 1 2nd SemesterCredits
Personal Evangelism2NT Survey2
Proverbs2Orientation to Teaching2
OT Survey3Intro to KJV2
Personal Finance1Biblical Separation2
Biblical Leadership2Baptist History1
US History3Prayer2
Bible Doctrines2Bible Electives5
Year 2 1st SemesterYear 2 2nd Semester
Biblical Separation2Baptist Distinctives and NT Church Government1
Biblical Creationism 1011Principles and Ethics2
Romans2Marriage and Ministry2
End Times to Eternity2I and II Samuel2
Our Baptist Heritage1Life of Christ2
Bible Electives8Bible Electives7