Announcement: Credit Price Increase Coming In September

Dear Student of IBOC,

In less than two years God has blessed Independent Baptist Online College with almost 700 students currently enrolled. More students require more courses; more faculty; more interaction with students; and more administration. In order to more effectively accommodate this amazing growth, we need to add new staff and hire three of our administrators full time.

To enable us to do this as of 9/1/2017 we will raise our tuition to $150 per credit hour, which remains significantly lower than other online programs. For example, Hyles-Anderson Online is at $225 / West Coast Baptist College $220 / Crown College $220 / Liberty University $390.

We want to offer to currently enrolled students the opportunity to purchase as many credit hours as you wish at the old tuition rate. From now until 1/1/2018, your credit hour cost will remain at $100. That is a tremendous saving. There is no limit to the number of credits you can purchase at this price. You can purchase courses now or credit hours for classes you may wish to take later, including any new classes added in the months to come.

Go to and pick the courses you both need and want to take or purchase an unlimited number of credit hours which can be applied to classes later. Purchase them at the old price of $100 per credit hour before the new year. Thank you for being a student of IBOC.

Dr. Jeffrey Smale

Independent Baptist Online College

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