New Course: Deaf Ministry 101 Now Available!

We’re excited to bring the knowledge and heart of Pastor Randy Dignan to Independent Baptist Online College!  Bro. Randy travels nationally and internationally preaching to deaf, teens, youth conferences, missions conferences, and other camps and revivals.  He also has a 30-minute tv program called “The Listening Heart” in English and in American sign language that airs worldwide weekly on CTN (Christian Television Network) and on YouTube!

In his new course, Deaf Ministry 101, Pastor  Dignan shares from personal experiences, having grown up in a deaf world and pastoring a hearing and deaf church for 20 years, on the great need for reaching the deaf. This class will give you three angles which include Biblical, cultural, and historical views and how all three of these tie to the deaf ministry. Since they are one of the most unreached people groups in the world this class is key to bringing awareness of a ripe harvest that lives in most of our communities.

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