Maximo Llama

Maximo is a 43-year-old father of 4 children.  He has been married to his wife Kendra since 1993. He currently is enrolled in our Associates of Pastoral Ministry program.  He was saved in May of 2015 and his life verse is John 8:35. He is a very active member of the Marathon Baptist Church in Marathon, Florida.

His personal testimony is as follows: “I was a hopeless alcoholic and drug addict for 24 years. There is no way for me to describe the bondage and darkness I was in. I went through many drug programs, detox centers, psychiatric units, and jails. I lived on antipsychotic medication for years. I even chopped off my own finger in a desperate cry for help in hopes of getting more drugs. I ended up homeless and eventually made it to the Lester Roloff men’s home in Corpus Christi Tx, where I put my faith in Christ in May of 2015. There is no way for me to begin to describe what the Lord has done in my life! We Truly Serve A Mighty God! I’ve been preaching for a year and a half and have personally seen the Lord change many other lives. The classes I’ve taken at IBOC have been a real blessing and have really helped me in my spiritual development. The world is wide open to those who are open to God!  My heart is filled with excitement about the future God has for me and my family.”

IBOC President Dr. Jeffrey Smale writes: “I have personally followed Maximo’s progress at IBOC and have found him to be a steadfast, faithful student who desires to learn and grow in the Lord!  I am confident he will endeavor to do great things for the Lord! I am proud of him and his dear wife who faithfully assists him. He is what IBOC is all about!”

Congratulations Maximo for being the Independent Baptist Online College Student of the Month for January 2020!

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