Handwritten Sermons From Dr. Tom Wallace

Handwritten Sermons From
Dr. Tom Wallace​

Independent Baptist Online College is offering for a limited time two handwritten sermons from Dr. Tom Wallace.

At almost 93 years old, Dr. Tom Wallace is still preaching, still winning souls, and still going forward for God.

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A Little About Dr. Wallace

Dr. Wallace was born August 22, 1930, in Odd, West Virginia.  His parents were Lonnie and Reba Wallace of Toughkenamon, Pennsylvania.   He was married to Janith Farr from 1950 until her death in 2002.   They have four children: Debbie, Tom Jr., Tim and Donna.  Debbie is married to David Hicks, who serves as Administrator of Central Christian School in Sharpsburg, Georgia. They have two sons, Mark and Derek.  Tom Jr. is married to Kayla.  He is an accountant in Dallas, Texas.  They have two sons, Tommy and Timmy.  Tim is married to Becky.   He is the pastor of Grace Bible Church in Rainbow City, Alabama.  They have one son, Nate.  Donna is married to Bruce Barton, pastor of Central Baptist Church in Panama City, Florida.  They have three children: Bradley, Brady and Joanna.

Dr. Wallace remarried on August 7, 2004, to the former Mary Cluck of Athens, Tennessee.  Mary’s husband went to heaven just two months after Jan’s death.  Mary and Dr. Wallace were introduced to each other through a mutual friend, Dr. Don Sisk. Bro. Sisk had led Mary and her late husband to the Lord in the early ’60s.  Mary has two children: Debbi and Tammie.  Debbi is married to Tom Gerdt and they have four children: David, Sam, Gabe and Bonnie.  The Gerdts live in Athens, Tennessee and are very active in Fairview Baptist Church.  Tammie is married to Dr. John Swangim and they have one daughter, Sarah.  They make their home in Porter, Indiana, and serve the Lord in Fairhaven Baptist Church.  Dr. Wallace and Mary are living in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, and travel together in the ministry.

 Dr. Wallace was saved at a General Motors Assembly Plant in Wilmington, Delaware.  He began preaching in the noon services at the plant and preached there until leaving for Bible college.  He served on the staff of Highland Park Baptist Church, Chattanooga, Tennessee, with Dr. Lee Roberson for two years (1953-1954).

Education and Honors

  • 1948 – Graduated from Kennett Consolidated High School, Kennett Square, Pennsylvania
  • 1954 – Graduated from Tennessee Temple University, Chattanooga, Tennessee
  • 1971 – Received honorary Doctor of Divinity from Bob Jones University
  • 1994 – Received honorary Doctor of Divinity from Louisiana Baptist University
  • 2003 – Received honorary Doctor of Divinity from Canadian Baptist Bible College
  • 2019 – Honored by the officers of BIMI for 50 years of service as a trustee

 He pastored three great churches during his ministry: Baptist Bible Church, Elkton, Maryland, 1954-1971; Beth Haven Baptist Church, Louisville, Kentucky, 1971-1986; Franklin Road Baptist Church, Murfreesboro, Tennessee, from September 1, 1991-January, 2000.  He is Pastor Emeritus of Franklin Road Baptist Church, Murfreesboro, Tennessee, 2000 to the present time.

Ministry Accomplishments:

  •  Active in  radio work for over 30 years
  • Published two church papers, “The Visitor” and “The Beam” for the same period
  • Founder and past president of Elkton Christian Schools, Elkton, Maryland, (K-12)
  • Founder and past president of Beth Haven Christian Schools, Louisville, Kentucky, (K-12)
  • President of Franklin Road Christian School, Murfreesboro, Tennessee, (K-12) 1991-2000
  • Established a Bus Ministry in Elkton, Maryland, that grew to 18 routes
  • Expanded Bus Ministry at Beth Haven Baptist Church, Louisville, Kentucky, to 42 routes
  • Tripled attendance at Louisville church in first 2 years, High of 5450
  • Led the Baptist Bible Church, Elkton, Maryland, through eight major building programs
  • Led the Beth Haven Baptist Church, Louisville, Kentucky, in building a 3300 seat auditorium
  • Led Franklin Road Baptist Church, Murfreesboro, Tennessee, in building a new educational building, and purchase of three other buildings and two additional properties
  • Past president of International Fellowship of Fundamentalists
  • Served as president of Board of Directors of BIMI for 8 years
  • Vice-president of the “Sword of the Lord ,” Murfreesboro, Tennessee
  • Vice-president of Beacon World Missions
  • Executive Board of Frontline Fellowship
  • Board of Directors of Bible Open Air Mission, Fanwood, New Jersey, Ary Williams, founder/president
  • Visited and served in all 50 states and 54 foreign countries

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