Frequently Asked Questions

Degree Program

Will my previous college work transfer to a degree with you?

We will try to transfer every possible credit we can.  Keep in mind that it has to fall in the same major.  For example, you can’t transfer secular business courses to a Bible theology or education degree.

What masters degrees do you offer?

As of now we only offer masters degrees in the same areas of our bachelor’s degrees. Most commonly we can use Master of Theology Th.M.

What are the pre-requisites for masters program?

Independent Baptist Online College is a Bible college.  A Bachelor’s degree in the same field or major is required.  For example, a Bachelors of Business or Marketing is not going to transfer here.  You are applying for a Master’s of Theology so the degree you already have needs to be in the same field.

What courses are involved in the masters program?

With our Master’s program, we seek to round out your education and set you up with courses you haven’t taken before.  We will tailor a program specific to you based on your transcript and needs.


How do I get started?

Before you begin, you need to decide what degree you want to pursue.  Our degree page has everything you need to pick a field of study.  Once you’ve decided, click the Get Started button in the menu up top and follow the prompts!

Do I have to register in the degree program to take a course?

Absolutely not!  Several of our students audit courses to further their knowledge.  If this is you, on the Get Started page, skip the degree registration prompt at the top and pick the courses you want to take!

Is there a time limit to completing a course?

No.  Once you purchase the course, it is yours to take at your own pace.  The great advantage of taking courses online is that you’re not bound to a brick and mortar school schedule to complete your degree.  You schedule the time to take your courses and once you’ve passed the final, that course is complete.

I took several courses already and now I want to start my degree. Can I still use those courses for credit?

Absolutely!  Once you’ve filled out the registration form and paid the registration fee, those courses automatically apply towards your degree.

Are you approved for the GI bill or accept any grants?

At this time, Independent Baptist Online College is not set up to accept either of these.

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