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Mr. John Early

John Early started piano lessons at the age of 5, was playing the organ in church services by age 13, and began writing songs at age 14.  He graduated from high school with scholarships in piano and vocal performance and entered college with a call to preach and a strong desire to serve the Lord in the area of music.

Bro. Early received his Bachelor of Science degree in Church Music from Hyles-Anderson College in 1998.

His music professors were Bro. Chris Stansell, Dr. Mike Zachary, and Bro. Mario Cuozzo.

His experience includes over 20 years of piano accompaniment for various singing groups, including traveling as a college representative as well as local church music groups.  He has been a full-time church music director for nearly 15 years and has provided private piano and vocal lessons during that time as well.

Bro. Early has studied Biblical principles for Godly, Christ-centered, message-oriented church music.  Some of his local church music experience includes organizing special music, congregational hymn piano playing, and creating and producing musical programs.

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