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Dr. Wes Waddle

Dr. Wes Waddle was born and raised in Marion, Ohio.  He was born again as a sophomore in high school.  Two years later he was elected as the president of the youth group of his church.  

In 1978, Brother Waddle went to Hyles-Anderson College where he was employed by the First Baptist Church as an electrician at the bus barn.  In 1979, he became a member of the bass section of the choir of the First Baptist Church where he served for twenty years.  After graduating from Hyles-Anderson College, Brother Waddle served as a deacon of the First Baptist Church for thirteen years.  During some of these years he worked for Bank One in Merrillville, Indiana, as a professional in the mortgage department.  Dr. Jack Hyles has sent many a church member, staff member, and evangelist to him for counseling.

Dr. Waddle received his B.S. Degree in Secondary Education from Hyles-Anderson College in 1986.  He later received his Master of Theology and Doctorate in Religious Studies.  

Brother Waddle has worked in the finance and real estate industries for the past thirty years.  He is an approved real estate instructor through the Arizona Department of Real Estate.  He has earned the designation of Certified Mortgage Banker.  This is the highest designation offered by the Mortgage Bankers Association of America.  He is an approved mortgage banking instructor.  Using his college training he is authorized to teach the National Code of Ethics to REALTORS and mortgage bankers.

In 1980, Brother Waddle became a licensed pilot.  He now holds a Commercial Pilot Certificate and is a Certified Flight Instructor.

After being told that he was “overqualified” for a position, Brother Waddle authored the book “Overqualified/Underqualified; What Will Your Education (and Life Experience) Be Worth To You?”.  This book was written for high school students as they make plans for college, career, and life.

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