Dr. Don Crutcher


Dr. Don Crutcher

Dr. Don R. Crutcher has been preaching since 1991 and has served the Lord as youth director, assistant pastor, pastor, and college instructor. In 1999 he started and ran Bible Baptist school in Kansas, and has been the principal of two other Christian Academies.

Dr. Crutcher has a Bachelor of Science degree in Pastoral Theology from Hyles Anderson College, a Master of Ministry degree from Bethany Divinity Seminary, and a Doctor of Religious Education degree from Baptist College of America.

Dr. Crutcher pastored two churches spanning a period of sixteen years. Bible Baptist Church of Goodland, Kansas 1998 – 2003, and Trinity Baptist Church of Lititz, Pennsylvania, 2003 – 2014. He wan as also an assistant pastor for four years and the principal of a Christian Academy in Texas where he now resides. Dr. Crutcher celebrates 20 years full-time service for the Lord and 27 years of preaching.

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