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Pastor Corey Seulean was born on July 5, 1969.  He was saved on June 14, 1980, at Grace Baptist Church in Anderson, Indiana.  His family moved to Napa, California in 1982 and started attending Hopewell Baptist Church pastored at the time by Jim Guzman.  Mike Ray came to Napa in 1986 and Pastor Seulean surrendered to the call to preach under his ministry.  Pastor Seulean went to Hyles-Anderson in 1988 and graduated in 1991.  He met his wife Pam at college, and they married on May 30, 1992.  They have 5 boys- David, Joseph, Stephen, Benjamin, and Jack.

Pastor Seulean started Hopewell Baptist Church of Longmont, Colorado September 18, 1994.  HBC has seen more than 36,000 saved these 26 years with more than 9,000 public professions of faith and more than 4,700 people baptized.  HBC is averaging around 150 over the last decade for weekly attendance with a high day of 408.  Pastor Seulean has gone soul winning every day since 3/25/2006 (except for 10 days during which he was very ill) and has seen at least 1 person pray to receive Christ as Saviour each of those days.  He has authored 2 books entitled HOW TO WIN A SOUL TO CHRIST and THE WILL OF GOD as well as a booklet entitled DAILY SOUL WINNING & SEVEN PILLARS OF THE CHURCH.  These are currently used in many churches and a few colleges in training soul winners.

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