When Your Loved One Is Dying

“When Your Loved One is Dying” is a unique course that discusses the many aspects of caring for a loved one during their final days (or years) as they prepare for Heaven. This course will be useful to family members, friends, and pastors as Dr. Waddle speaks in general terms from his experience of being widowed.

We discuss ideas such as the thirteen aspects of grief, documenting important details, the importance of understanding medical and insurance terms, and the needs of the caregiver.  We also discuss the need to sing and enjoy this time as we look forward to meeting our loved ones again in Heaven.  This course is loaded with scriptures that you will want to memorize for the tests of life (and the final exam, of course).

Course Information
  • Course Id:Course Cost: $150
  • Credit:1 Credit Hour
Dr. Wes Waddle

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