I II III John - Books of the Bible taught by Pastor Freeman Weems

I II III John – Taught by Dr. Freeman J. Weems III

This course, taught by Dr. Freeman J. Weems III –  in the General Epistles of 1, 2, 3 John will enrich your life and ministry.  All of us know believers who struggle over assurance of salvation.  1 John directly handles that issue of doubt.  It is filled with the word know or some form of it.  We can know that we are saved as an established truth.  There are mountain peaks in the book as well.  Chapter 2:1, 2, speak of our Advocate with the Father and His propitiation that was made for all men of all time.  Chapter 3 speaks of what manner of love the Father has bestowed upon us.  Chapter 5 has that tremendous teaching on the triune God.

2 John focuses on the doctrine of Jesus Christ and how we are to respond to those who bring false doctrine to our door.  Church members need to know that they cannot interact with and wish good-bye to cults who knock on our doors.  This short book gives courage to stand.

3 John reveals to us that both good and bad men are going to be in our churches.  Diotrephes may be dead and gone, but there are others like him.  Thank God for a godly Gaius and a devoted Demetrius.  Being forewarned is to be forearmed.  Truth is at stake and both 2nd and 3rd John emphasize truth.

The class will cover key themes, key words, and key sections of Holy Scripture that will enlarge your understanding of the messages these books give us.  There is a wealth of preaching material in this study.  I pray you are blessed abundantly.

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