Church Property

Buying, Selling, And Building Church Property is a how-to for those looking for sound principles when it comes to the church and real estate.  Where do you find a suitable location?  Do you start it in a storefront?  Do you start it on your home?  Can you lease an old church building or warehouse?  What about the taxes, insurance, or finances?  What can you afford?  Will the property allow you to expand as your church grows?  Should you borrow money personally?  Where can you find the answers?

Maybe you have been called to a different (already existing) church.  Who owns the church building?  How is that church listed in county records?  Does it have a mortgage that you, as the new pastor, must figure out how to finance?  Is the building compliant with the local building codes?  If not, what will this cost?  Should you build a new building?  Could you move the church to a better location?

This course is designed to help pastors and church leaders to understand the legal and ethical issues surrounding the church property, the parsonage (the pastor’s housing), and the needs of the church members.  This course will NOT make you a real estate or mortgage professional.

Course Information
  • Course Id:Course Cost: $150
  • Credit:1 Credit Hours
Dr. Wes Waddle

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