Advanced Biblical Wisdom

Building on the foundations laid in “Basic Biblical Wisdom,” Dr. S.M. Davis’s “Advanced Biblical Wisdom” dives deeper into the teachings of the Bible. Students learn techniques to amplify their life potential and discern good from evil. Lessons explore challenges to truth, such as wrongful testimony, and the importance of justice. Students examine God’s seven purposes for authority and learn effective problem-solving through biblical wisdom.

The course also investigates the Christian’s code of honor, providing a roadmap to avoid the emptiness of a meaningless life. Techniques for overcoming discouragement are discussed, giving students spiritual tools for resilience. The course concludes with timeless Bible teachings about the concept of the Bride, offering rich insights into this metaphor. This course will further equip students with advanced understanding of biblical wisdom and its practical application in modern life.

Course Information
  • Course Id:Course Cost: $150
  • Credit:1 Credit Hour
Dr. S.M. Davis

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