Caleb & Luke Szklarz

Though we were both blessed with the godly heritage of being raised in a consecrated Christian home, that did not automatically make us a Christian. We both came to the realization that we were sinners and trusted in Christ as our personal Savior at an early age. While we were both given this privilege, we have found that Satan, as he has from the beginning has all to readily tempted us with the unknown. One of the world’s thriving industries is entertainment. However, through IBOC, we have learned that the greatest adventures of life are found by stepping through the door of ministry. As we rely upon God, He takes us from the grandstands and onto the field. One of the key quotes which we obtained from the IBOC classes has been

forever embossed on our hearts. They challenged us by stating, “He who preaches to the brokenhearted will never want a crowd.” This being on the back burner of our minds has been greatly used as we preach at the nursing home, jail, rescue mission, or in our home church of Bible Baptist Church of Fairbanks, Alaska. In our frigid climate, whether it be at the rescue mission, jail, or nursing home, we have found people longing to hear of a God who is ready to forgive, love and comfort them. As we look to the future, we shall be forever grateful for the truths that God has taught us through IBOC. We know you too will find each day unveiling new adventures as you discover and surrender to God’s purpose for your life.


gift from IBOC

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