Tuition Costs & Fees

 Thank you for your interest in Independent Baptist Online College.  Take a minute to review the cost for taking your courses online.  As you will find, we want this college to be affordable to everyone and are competitive in our pricing structure as compared to other online colleges.

All courses can be taken on any device of your choosing.  Whether you’re at home on your computer or on the go with your phone, classes are at your fingertips to take on your schedule.

Degree Program

 Cost: $100 per credit hour

Fees: $50 Registration Fee

Payment Plan:  All of our courses can be payed in full or have the option of a 2 month payment plan.  You will pay half of the course up front, getting you access to the class now, and the other half will automatically be deducted from your account a month later.  Once the final payment has been completed, the course is yours!  If the payment is declined, the course will be removed from  your account and will remain unavailable until payment has been received.

Registration Process: Registering is easy!  Using the “Get Started” link in the top menu, you’ll go to the course catalog where you’ll choose the courses you are wanting to take.  Once the payment is complete, you’ll be taken to your account where you’ll see a link to register for the Degree Program.  Anyone can take our courses, but if you are wanting these to go towards college credits, then this form will need to be filled out.  Once we have received your application, we’ll be in touch with you regarding moving forward in our Degree Program.

Not Wanting A Degree? Take A Class To Learn Something New!

 No application or fee required!  Simply click the get started link in the menu above and begin adding classes you’d like to take!

Military Discount

 To help with the cost for the men and women that serve, there is a 10% discount for active military. Military I.D. will be verified through email.

Missionary or Foreign Pastor?

We offer a discount as well as count the years of experience you have on the mission field to go towards credit hours.  Click here to send us an inquiry.

Refund Policy

All course purchases are final and are not valid for a return.  If you decided within two weeks that you do not want to pursue that course, we can transfer your credit to another course.  You will lose access to the previous course as we give you access to the new one.  However this does not start a new two week period.  Once the two weeks are up, you are locked into that course.

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