Our Distinctives

There Are Many Bible Colleges Online. What Sets Us Apart From The Rest?

  • It will be ministry oriented.

  • It will be taught by those with extensive experience in ministry. We will bring some amazing teachers to the classroom via the online format.

  • It will primarily be for mature and married men and will offer them excellent training without needing to move their families or quit their jobs.

  • It will place an emphasis on the local church pastor leading in the training of his lay preachers.

  • It will not be in competition with other independent Baptist colleges. We are not seeking to replace but to supplement.

  • It will be a place where men already in the ministry can further or perhaps finish their education.

  • It will be convenient but not easy. We will demand excellence and faithfulness from students.

  • It will be easily accessible and affordable. If a student cannot attend at the time it is given they will be able to take the course at another time.

  • It will be unapologetically fundamental, Baptist, unaccredited, and King James only.

  • It will allow us to avail ourselves of many great Christian leaders to teach courses without needing to leave their homes.

  • It will focus mainly on preparing men for building churches. Obviously we will allow others to take classes but the main focus will be on ministry training.

  • It will place an emphasis on the local pastor planting churches using his own preacher boys. Instruction will be made available not only for the students, but also for the sponsoring pastor.

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