Independent Baptist Online College is a unique institution designed to train individuals for the Gospel ministry by the emphasizing of several key elements.

  • To perpetuate independent Baptist churches by training preachers who understand and believe in the principles of local church autonomy.
  • To equip men with the tools to build soul winning New Testament Baptist churches.
  • To teach the philosophies and methods to build an evangelistic ministry.
  • To teach the principles of Biblical inspiration which will build unwavering confidence that the King James Bible is the inspired Word of God for English speaking people.
  • To allow local church pastors to train their own by administering the curriculum offered by IBOC.
  • To avail ourselves through online means of individuals who have excelled in various areas of ministry and who otherwise could not be secured to teach college courses.
  • To preserve the influence of great independent Baptist leaders of the past.
  • To encourage pastors to help their preacher boys plant new local independent Baptist churches.
  • To teach preachers how to stand against compromise and to maintain a separatist position.
  • To teach students how to think, so as not to be fooled by heresies whether from outside or even from those who would declare themselves to be independent Baptists.
  • To prepare individuals for personal ministry in a means consistent with Biblical teaching.
  • To provide an excellent knowledge of God’s Word with the goal of using it for ministry not just knowing it.
  •  To teach the philosophy of ministry in order to give students an understanding of the reason behind the methods.

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Exploring Prayer w Dr Jack Hyles w purchase of any  course in June (limit 1 per household)