4 Benefits Of Earning Your Bible Degree Online

If you are reading this, you may be thinking about going the online route to earning your Bible degree or have already started!

Most people are used to the traditional classroom setting and are a little apprehensive about the online setting.  We get it!  It is new and not what most of us are used to.  However, you can receive an education in the comfort of your home just as you can in the brick and mortar classroom setting.

There are definite perks to taking your courses online!  Here are four benefits of studying online:

Flexible Schedule & Environment

When you take your courses online, you get to decide what works for you based on your needs.  Whether it be your kitchen table, bedroom, study, a coffee shop or your church, watching or listening to each lecture can be done anywhere you need!  Best of all is that you don’t have to pack up and move somewhere a Bible college is located to earn your degree!

Scheduling is another added benefit.  You no longer fit your schedule into the classes your taking. You have the advantage of taking the courses when it fits into your schedule.  Studying online means you are no longer bound to a set schedule in a set environment.  You don’t adapt to the course, the course adapts to you!

Stay In Your Job Or Ministry

The flexibility of your classroom being online means that you can stay home and still work in the ministry or work in the same job!  You no longer have to move somewhere completely new, find a new job that will work around your classroom schedule and put yourself or family through that stress.

Because your classroom is online, you can continue to grow and learn in your ministry or advance in your job as you pursue your studies.  A lot less stressful!

Lower Costs & Debt

The cost of studying online means your budget isn’t going to suffer as a result!  Going to a traditional school requires you to pay for housing, transportation, book fees, and many other costs that come with the college experience.

Besides an application fee and a few books, your only paying for the cost per credit hour.  By staying at home, you’re saving what you would be paying if you went to a traditional school.

Also, with our payment plans, you can decide what fits into your budget.  You’re not required to take a certain amount of classes and have those paid for upfront or by the next semester.  Whether your budget allows you to take one class or several, you get to decide!

More Family Time Or Time For Hobbies

Whether your single or have a family, you’ll have the time for them.  Often, traditional Bible colleges require you to sacrifice the time with your family in order to pursue your degree.  This isn’t done on purpose but is a result of how it’s set up.  You have to go to school during the day and work your job to pay for the school and bills at night.

That’s not fair to you or your family.

When taking your courses online, you can take classes after the kids go to bed, early in the morning, or spend time pursuing a hobby.  You’re no longer bound to a set schedule that runs you or takes up all of your personal or family time.


There are many benefits to earning your Bible degree online.  These are the main four we believe have the most impact on you as an online student.  What benefits do you see of earning your Bible degree online?

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