Pastors, Start Training Your Own in 2023

How Can You Benefit From IBOC?

Practical Learning

You'll learn the knowledge needed to pass each course, but you'll also learn how to apply certain principles learned to your everyday life.

Extraordinary Faculty

Our faculty is dedicated to helping bring their years of knowledge & experience here for you to benefit from.

Classrooms Everywhere

By earning your degree online, your education goes wherever you are. All courses can be taken on any device at any time.

Affordable Options

We understand that you have a budget. Take as little or as many courses at a time that fits into what you can afford.

Location Friendly

You no longer have to move to pursue your education. Stay working at home or in the ministry where you're at all while earning your Bible degree!

Excellent Support

We're here to help you succeed and accomplish your goals. Our staff is here to help guide you along the way!

gift from IBOC

Exploring Prayer w Dr Jack Hyles w purchase of any  course in June (limit 1 per household)