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    Independent Baptist Online College is a unique institution designed to train individuals for the Gospel ministry.  IBOC will focus mainly on preparing men for building churches. Everyone can take the courses, but the main focus will be on ministry training.  Our goal is to provide an excellent knowledge of God’s Word with the goal of using it for ministry not just knowing it.

    We’d like to be a help to Pastor’s looking to train up the next generation, those who have started their degree but never finished, those who would like to attend Bible college but cannot relocate at this time, and those who would just like to take a couple of courses here and there.

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    For Pastor’s

    The list of good colleges to send your members to is steadily declining so we’d like to help you.  Pastor’s can now have a college at their church by becoming a chapter of Independent Baptist Online College.  We take care of the academics, you take care of the one-on-one personal training for the ministry.  Our entire course selection is at your disposal to assign to your students.

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    For Students

    Are you looking to enroll in a Bible college but not at a point where you can relocate?  Did you previously start a degree and life got in the way?  Independent Baptist Online College is here for you!  Our courses are designed for you to take at your pace.  With over 200+ years of combined wisdom and experience, you’ll find that IBOC will give you the best in quality education at an affordable price.

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    For Everyone

    The great thing about Independent Baptist Online College is that you are not bound to a degree program to take any of our courses!  See one you like?  With no registration fee, you can take any of our courses when you need and anywhere you want.

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Our Mission

To provide high quality, Bible-centered education and lifelong learning opportunities for the students and families we serve.

At Independent Baptist Online College, we are dedicated to preserve the principles of fundamentalism, independence, Baptist heritage and distinctives in a unique and up to date way.


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